Future with will/won’t

We use will (affirmative) or won‘t (negative) to talk about:

– Predictions: Tomorrow it will rain

– Decisions: I won’t buy that book

– Offers: I’ll help you

– Promises: I will always love you

Future with “going to”

We use “TO BE + going to + VERB” to talk about future plans and predictions:

– Plans: I’m going to meet Peter at seven

– Predictions: It’s going to rain

Online activities

Obligatory activity:

1. Make plans for the weekend.

2. Make predictions about the future.

3. Imagine you are the president of Spain. Make some promises to the people.


Use of a(n), some, any

A means “one”.

We use a or an for singular countable nouns: a book, a glass, a horse, We use an (and not a) before a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u): an apple, an old book, an hour…

Some and any mean “an uncertain quantity”. We use some and any for plural countable and uncountable nouns.

We use some in affirmative sentences:

– I have some books (countable)

– I’d like some tea, please (uncountable)

We use any in negative and interrogative sentences:

– Is there any sugar in the cupboard? No, there isn’t any sugar.

– Are there any books in the bag? No, there aren’t any books.

*We use some in questions when we think the answer is YES, for example in offers and requests:

– Would you like some water?

– Can I have some coffee, please?

Use of a lot (of), much and many:

A lot, much and many mean “a big quantity”.

We use a lot in affirmative sentences for countable and uncountable nouns: a lot of books, a lot of sugar…

We usually use much and many in negative and interrogative sentences.

Much is for uncountable nouns: I don’t have much money.

Many is for countable nouns: There aren’t many books.

We use how much and how many to ask for the quantity:

How many books have you read?

How much money do you have in your pocket?

Use of a little, a few

A little and a few mean a small quantity.

We use a little for uncountable nouns: I have a little coffee.

We use a few for countable nouns: I read a few English books.

Online activity

Obligatory activity. Talk about the following objects in our school using suitable quantifiers: teachers, tables and chairs, books, computers, knowledge, hard work, entertainment.





A) Online activities

B) Describe the city you were born in. Compare it to another city.


I was born in Elx. Elx is next to Alacant and it is big and a very nice city. It is near the sea. In Elx there are a lot of beautiful palm-tree gardens and there is a quite old castle. Elx is full of shops and bars, too. I like it because it is my city.

Elx is different to Eivissa. For example Elx is bigger than Eivissa. Eivissa is more expensive than Elx. Eivissa is more crowded in summer and the beaches are more beautiful in Eivissa, but dirtier too.


We use the present perfect to talk about past experiences when you don’t say exactly when they happened.

I’ve been to London.

My brother has worked a lot.

For regular verbs the past participle is the same as the past simple (+ed). For irregular verbs you have to learn it.

We often use the past participle with  ever or never.

Have you ever been to London?

I’ve never been to London.



We use the present simple to talk about routines and everyday actions and facts in general, for example:

I play football on Saturday.
Obama lives in the White House.

Watch this grammar explanation about the present simple:

Present Simple and Plural Activities, by Victoria-Ladybug

Here you have some typical everyday actions:

Reading and activities about routines.



112 Responses to ESPA 4

  1. The school of adults is a old an poor school.
    There are a few class room, and a few teachers.
    There are a lor of chairs and tables.
    There are some computers .
    There are a few books and dictyonaris.
    But the teachers a lot of knowledge and hard work. At the finish is the most important

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Manuela!
      Some corrections:
      “There are a few classrooms…”
      “But the teachers have a lot of knowledge…”
      At the end that is the most important”

  2. Manuela
    Plans for the weekend:
    This weekend I go to the beach salinas, and leter I go to dinner at restaurant with my friends.
    I will good job, I will have a beautiful house and I will travel around the world.
    I am a woman president:
    I will give work for the all people, and salaries a lot high
    i will put low prices in the sale of houses and will are day-care centers free.
    I believe that I am a good woman president.

    • Raquel says:

      Thanks, Manuela!

      Attention to plans!
      I’m going to Ses Salinas beach and later I‘m going to have dinner at a restaurant with my friends”

      “I will have a good job…”

      Being a woman president:
      “I will give work for all the people and increase the salaries”
      “and will offer free day-care centers”
      “I believe that I will be a good woman president”

  3. Ivan Gomez Orozco 4A says:

    Rajoy is going to being a president and he promise goods jobs and money for human.

    The football madrid no will won the league.

    I’m going to go after summer to Alicante!:D

    • Raquel says:

      OK, Iván.

      Some corrections:
      “Rajoy is going to be and he promises good jobs and money for the people
      “Real Madrid will not win the league”

  4. Antonio Delgado Moreira 4ªA says:

    this weekend i’m going to study, because i’ll approve the ESO.
    my future. i’m going to study the next years for have a good job.
    if i’m the president of spain. i promise that I will give my best for that the country has a good economy and all people hava a work.

    • Raquel says:

      Good Antonio!

      Some corrections:
      – I’m going to study because I want to graduate
      – I’m going to study to… have a good job
      – … so that the country has a good economy

  5. Jonatan Macho says:

    Obligatory activity:
    1. I’m going to cinema this weekend and next weekend i’m going to travel to barcelona.

    2.Real Madrid is going to sign Leo Messi in future.

    3.Promise to:
    – I will change the retirement age.
    – I will propose more houses at lower prices.
    – I will propose a lot of secure to prevent theft.
    – I will propose a better economy.
    – And finally I will propose more buildings because It’s the source of money from lot of people.

    • Jonatan Macho says:

      Sorry Raquel
      I was wrong in “i’m going to travel to barcelona.” is “i’m going to travel barcelona. true?

    • Raquel says:

      OK, Jonatan. Good command of the future!!! The information is good too!

      Some corrections:
      I’m going to the cinema
      Leo Messi is going to sign for RM in the future
      “I promise that
      “I will propose a lot of security…”
      “… because it’s the source of money for a lot of people”

  6. Tamara Mari 4ºB says:

    Some Corrections and second activity.
    1- Next weekend, my friends and me are going to do a barbecue.

    2- In 2060 my grandchildren will enjoy robots that work for them.

    3- If I was a president, I promise to citizenship that we will stop this bad economical situation.
    We will improve the workplaces, reduce the percentage of unemployed and food prices come down, diesel, homes… we will make it possible.

    My school was very small, but it is homely.
    We are many students and we have a few classes. I think we have six.
    In them there are a lot of chairs and tables.
    In the school there are a few teachers with hard work but they have a lot of knowledge.
    We haven’t got many computers

  7. Ivan Gomez Orozco 4A says:

    My school is good for their teachers and their classes, have no way inferior to many schools, of which few state helped me as much as an esta.raquel is a tough but fair teacher, being good to us the truth. bye!
    By:Ivan Gomez Orozco.

  8. alex sangenis says:

    I’m going to go on holiday with my friends

    The football club barcelona will won the league

    Zapatero is going to being a president and he promise goods jobs

    In adults school don’t have many teachers because it isn’t big
    There are a lot of classes and there
    aren’t many bathrooms

  9. Pablo 4B says:

    In my school don’t have many teachers, because the school it’s small.
    There are also a class with a lot of computers.
    I think there are five or six classes. In ours we have air aconditioning and a bathroom.
    Now we aren’t many people.. we are four cats.. but good students =)


    – I will do a long distance race at weekend

    – The president of government in two years will be Rajoi

    – I guarantee that there salaries of all people will go up.
    The food price and prices of taxes will go down.

    • Raquel says:

      GOOOD, Pablo! Continue like that!

      Some corrections:
      – In my school don’t have many teachers (who doesn’t have many teachers? You need a SUBJECT)
      – … the school it’s small (school = subject, it = school = subject)
      – “We are four cats” (This expression is like “from lost to the river”: it is a Spanish methaphor! IT DOESN’T EXIST IN ENGLISH!!! You can say: “We are few and far between”, “We are hardly a soul” or “We are as few as…”, for example: “As few as people living in Platja d’En Bossa in winter”)

      Can you send me your corrections? Thankssss in advance!

  10. Carmen Jiménez Sevilla 4º A says:

    I promise that work I will never missing.
    We will help the most needy.
    The day will be funny.

  11. Byron Iñiguez Encarnacion says:

    In ESPA four we have many chairs and many books. because we are a lot of people.
    but also have an air conditioner.
    they are many teacher´s but I have only three and are very good.

    • Raquel says:

      Good Byron!

      Attention to spelling (ortografía)!

      … books. because…
      but also have an air conditioner (Who??? You need a subject)
      they are many teacher’s

  12. Byron Iñiguez Encarnacion says:

    1 This weekend I’ll party with my friends because it’s so we do not go together, this will be on Saturday and Sunday to be with my girlfriend for a walk, then we’re on the beach and finally in the movies.

    2 I’m going to move house. I’m going to madrid.

    3 As president I promise that the crisis will end soon. I promise that all men and women have their rights. and promise that we will have a better Spain.

    • Raquel says:

      OK, Byron!

      Attention to “going to”: We use it for plans

      Some corrections.
      1) Use “going to” and not “will” for plans!!!!
      … with my friends because it’s so we do not go together because we haven’t gone out together for a long time
      … and Sunday to be with my girlfriend for a walk (use SUBJECT + VERB)
      … and finally in the movies (use SUBJECT + VERB)
      2) madrid
      3) I promise that all men and women have their rights (It’s a promise. Use the appropriate FUTURE form)
      and promise (Who? Write a SUBJECT)

  13. Carmen Jiménez Sevilla 4º A says:

    In the school,there are a few teacher,but there are many chairs and tables.Also, there are a few books.there are some computers.there’s a lot of knowledge and there’s a lot of hard work.In the school there isn’t any entertainment.

    1.This Saturday, I´m going to ru with my friends.Then, we are going to swim to the beachLlater,we are going to eat in the restaurant.

    2.It´s going to be hot.Tomorrow,I´m going to have dinner with my sister.It´s will sunny tomorrow.

    3-I promise that I will cut taxes.I promise to never missing work.I promise that raise the salaries a hundred percent.We will help most needy.

    I’ll be the best president of Spain.

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Carmen!!!

      The sentences about the school are almost perfect. Only one correction: “there are a few teacher” (singular or plural?)
      You use “will” and “going to” correctly, but there are some problems with structure. Can you correct the following?
      – It’s will sunny (SUBJECT + WILL + VERB)
      – I promise to never missing work (WORK is the subject + WILL + NEVER + VERB)
      the most needy

  14. arianna 4b says:

    My school is the CEPA Pitusas en Eivissa. They are a good school because it are not many teachers, but the teachers that teach here, they are very good (in particular Miss. Raquel!!!!!!!!!!)
    They are not many classrooms; there’s a computer classroom but the hard work are not much.
    At the start of the classes they are a lot of students but at the finisch they are not many because it’is a school for adults and it is difficult finisch the cours for a lot of students.

  15. Mónica Oliveira 4b says:

    I´m class,I have more many chairs and tables.The are few teachers and have many compueters.

    we have a little time to learn becouse we have only four moths.

    I hope to pass yuo or class. Kiss

  16. Mónica Oliveira 4b says:

    1. This weekend we are going to the beach if the wether is good.We´ll eat a paella and drink some mojitos.At night we are going to dance and meet friends in some clubs.

    2. I´m going to change my car, I´m going to make an unforgotable trip to the Maldivas.

    3. Crowd of spain, I promise that I´ll give more emplogement and equality salaries. I promise, that everyone will have a house to sleep.

    • Raquel says:

      Very good Mónica! Grammar is perfect!!!
      Pay attention to spelling (ortografia). Correct the following words: wether, unforgotable, emplogement, spain

  17. Tamara Mari 4ºB says:

    Hi Raquel in the other activity, I don’t understand what I have to do.
    Please can you explain me.
    Thank you soo much!

  18. Tamara Mari 4ºB says:

    In this weekend, my friends and me going to do a barbecue in my home.
    In 2060 my grandchildren will enjoy with robots that work for them.
    If I was a president, I promise to citizenship that we will leave this bad situation wage.
    We will improve the workplaces, lowering the percentage of unemployed and lower food prices, diesel, homes.. together we will can.

    • Raquel says:

      OK, Tamara. The information is very interesting!!! You seem a great politician! How will you do all these things??? 😀

      Attention to grammar!!!
      Correct the following:
      – Make a plans… (singular or plural?)
      – Make a predictions… (singular or plural?)
      – In this weekend (in English we say “Next weekend”)
      – My friends and me going to do a barbecue (The structure for future is not correct: TO BE IN THE PRESENT + GOING TO + VERB IN INFINITIVE)
      – My grandchildren will enjoy with robots
      – We will leave stop this bad situation wage (situation wage???? what do you mean??)
      – and lowering food prices
      – Together we can (can has no future)

      Write a final corrected text, pleaseeee!!!

  19. arianna 4b says:

    This weekend I’m going to go to Formentera with my family. We’re giong to stay in a big Hotel.
    I think that the future, it won’t be very different from the present: someone will invent something, and someone will destroy something else.
    I will always help every Spanish citizen. I promise that will invest in health, culture, and especially research in renowable energy. I will use the salaries of member parlament, who they will happy to use them for the growth in his country!!!

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Arianna!!! The activity is very good! Abd your proposals as the president of Spain are fantastic… Arianna for president!!!!!

      Some corrections:
      “I think that the future won’t be very different”
      “I promise that I will invest…”
      “renewable energies”
      “I will use the salaries of the members of the parliament, who will be happy to use them for the growth in their country”

  20. I´m sorry Rakel, I forget this exercise, thank you.
    I was born in Ibiza, is the best island of the Balearics islands. It has a few paradisiac beaches of crystalline waters the climate is fantastic all the year. And the people are friendly, I love Ibiza is precious. It is the ideal site lo live.
    Comparative prayers.
    Ibiza is cleaner than New York.
    Ibiza is small than Madrid.
    Ibiza is beautiful than Palma.
    Ibiza is more quiet than Tokio.

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Manuela!

      Some corrections:
      Remember: “IT is the best island” “IT is precious”
      Attention to comparatives:
      “Ibiza is smaller than Madrid” (1 syllable, you add “-er”),
      “Ibiza is more beautiful than Palma” (3 syllables, you add “more”)
      “Ibiza is quieter than Tokyo” (1 syllable, you add “-er”)

  21. Pablo 4B says:

    I was born in Ibiza. Ibiza is a very nice and has wether is great. There are a some places for visit such as Dalt Vila. Has a good restaurants for eat. And has wanderful beaches for sunbathe.

    Comparatives and superlatives.
    Ibiza is wanderful.
    Ibiza is more dangerous than Formentera.
    Formentera is safer than Mallorca.
    Mallorca is the most dangerous.
    Formentera is the nicest.

    • Raquel says:

      OK, Pablo!

      “Ibiza is a very nice island” or “Ibiza is very nice”
      “and has great weather” or “and the weather is great”
      “There are some places to visit”
      “It has good restaurants to eat”
      “And it has wonderful beaches for sunbathing”

  22. Tamara Mari 4ºB says:

    I was born in ibiza. Ibiza is a small island, but warm and beautiful.
    Has many things to visit, beaches with cystal clear waters where you can enjoy a wonderful relaxation. Is an Island full of tourism, and live it but i hate that only come to mess.
    I compared Ibiza with Lanzarote.
    Lanzarote is a Bigger than Ibiza. Lanzarote has biggest beach than Ibiza but Ibiza has the cleanest beaches than Lanzarote.
    Lanzarote is hotter than Ibiza but Ibiza is precious.

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Tamara.

      Pay attention:
      “It has many things to visit”
      “It is an island”
      Did you mean “and I love it”?
      “I hate that it’s being destroyed” or “I hate that we are destroying it”
      Attention to comparatives and superlatives:
      “Lanzarote has bigger beaches than Ibiza”
      “Ibiza has cleaner beaches”
      If you want to use superlatives it should be something like: “Ibiza is the most beautiful island in the Balearic Islands”, “Ibiza has the cleanest beaches that I’ve ever been to”…

  23. Fabiola 4a says:

    I was born in Valdepeñas.Valdepeñas is big and fantastic. In valdepeñas there are many statues dedicated to the wine. Valdepeñas is much Shops
    , too. I like it because it is my city.

    Ibiza is more expensive than valdepeñas.
    Valdepeñas is drier that ibiza

  24. moises 4a says:

    I was born in Eivissa. It is an Island and Is in the Mediterranean. It is small but very nice. It is surrounded by beutiful beaches but It is very expensive to live in it.
    It has castle with a cathedral.

    Eivissa is very different to Seville. It is smaller than Seville. Seville is lowest price than Eivissa. It is quieter than Seville. Eivissa is most beutiful beaches than Seville.

    I can think of nothing else. I do not superlative sentences ?¿?¿?¿

    • Raquel says:

      Goood Moisés!

      Don’t worry about superlatives. That will be the next step!

      Attention, I’m making some corrections:

      – “Seville has lower prices than Eivissa” or “Seville is more economical”
      – “Evissa has more beautiful beaches than Seville”

  25. Antonio Delgado 4º A says:

    I was born in Jipijapa, is a city is small and quiet but there are many parties.
    Is a city with few people, but the beaches are one hour away. I like it because is the place where born and lived most of my life with my friends.

    Eivissa is very different to Jipijapa, Jipijapa is older than Eivissa,because Eivissa is more populated than Jipijapa, but Jipijapa is a bigger than Eivissa, Jipijapa is hotter than Eivissa, Eivissa is a cleaner than Jipijapa.

    • Raquel says:

      Good Antonio!


      Write the subjects!!!! “it is a city”, “it is small” “it’s a city with few people” “because it is the place where I was born”
      “Jipijapa is bigger” “Eivissa is cleaner” —> “it is a cleaner city” or “it is cleaner”

  26. Noemí Alonso says:

    I was born in Eivissa, in Baleares. Eivissa is next to formentera.
    Eivissa is fantastic especially in spring. The beaches have crystal clear water and no one can interrupt the nap, because they are empty. You can enjoy a relaxing coktel on the beach . in the island you can enjoy the forest landscape in many areas. you can enjoy the history walking for Dalt Vila , later you can refresh in the local pub´s musicals.

    Eivissa is better than mallorca. mallorca is bigger than eivissa. Eivissa is funnier than mallorca. eivissa is cleaner than mallorca. Eivissa is more beautiful than mallorca. In to summer eivissa is more attractive than mallorca.

  27. carolina toala leon 4B says:

    I borned in Portoviejo, the most antique ecuadorian city settled in the coastal region in 1535. It’s a very small city and also very quiet .In only thirty minutes you can arrive to the beach because there are many big beaches near the city. The people is friendly and they enjoy a lof that tourists visit them.

    Comparing Portoviejo with Ibiza we can say that Portoviejo is bigger than Ibiza. Also we have to mention that Ibiza’s beaches are more safe than Portoviejo’s beaches. Finally we have to talk about money and Ibiza is more expensive than Portoviejo.See you !

    • Raquel says:

      Good Carolina!!!

      Some corrections:
      “I was born in Portoviejo”
      “The people are friendly”
      “they enjoy a lot”
      “Ibiza’s beaches are safer”

  28. Byron Iñiguez says:

    I was born in Machala, Machala is a productive agricultural town with a large commercial development. Its inhabitants are engaged in the banana, so it is recognized internationally as the “banana capital of the world.” You can enjoy beaches and traditions found in the city. I would like to go soon.

    Machala is different to Londres, because Machala is smoller than Londres, Londres is colder than Machala, Machala is cheaper than Londres , Londres is more expensive.
    Machala is more comfortable than Londres.

  29. Carmen Jiménez Sevilla 4º A says:

    I was born in Eivissa is an island.In Eivissa there a lot of tourists in summer.I like it,because it´s where I was worn.In Eivissa there are many beatiful beaches.The people who live here is fantastic.

    Eivissa is more beatiful than Madrid.
    Eivissa is more cheaper than Madrid.
    Eivissa is funnier in summer than Madrid.
    Eivissa is smaller than Madrid.

    • Raquel says:

      Good Carmen!!!!

      Some corrections:
      “I was born in Eivissa. Eivissa is an island”
      “the people who live here are fantastic”
      “Eivissa is cheaper”

  30. arianna 4b says:

    I was born in Milano, a really big city the north Italy. It has got a lot public or private facilities, and they are activity for all type. Milano is the work capital, for that is very dynamics, energic, but really stressful, too. I love it because it’s my city, but I don’t like live here!

    Eivissa is very different to Milano! Milano is bigger than Eivissa, and Mi is more supplied than the island, but Eivissa is very quiet than Milano. Eivissa hasn’t much health, educational, sports facilities, but its nature is really wonderful!

    • Raquel says:

      Really good Arianna!

      Some corrections:
      “a really big city to the north of Italy”
      “I don’t like living here”
      “but Eivissa is quieter than Miland”
      “Eivissa doesn’t have many … facilities”

  31. Mónica Oliveira 4b says:

    I borned in Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Spain.The beaches are enormous and in summer lot of people want to enjoy them.
    We have one of the most famous streets of Spain,the Ramblas. Its a big street with many urban artists and comerces.

    Comparing Barcelona with my island, Barcelona is bigger than Eivissa. In my opinion the beaches in Eivissa are more beautiful than in Barcelona,because the water is more clean than Barcelona. Barcelona has got more population than Eivissa.

    • Raquel says:

      Very good, Mónica! I like your comparison!!!

      Some grammar corrections:

      “I was born”
      “a lot of people”
      “It´s a big street”
      “with many urban artists and shops”
      “the water is cleaner”

  32. Fabiola 4a says:

    Raquel You can correct it please It is the oral examination.

    Present simple:
    Do you like to travel?
    yes,I like to travel a very much.
    Past simple:
    where did you visit?
    I visited Barcelona one year ago, I like much
    Present perfect:
    have you ever been to aquarium of Barcelona?
    I’ve been to aquarium in the Barcelona, is fantastic and very much
    *Would like to..
    That you would like to visit to part of Barceona?
    I would like Valecia…
    I like to Barcelona for the Buildins and the people.

    • Raquel says:

      Hello Fabiola!

      Your dialogue is not coherent. Imagine it is a real dialogue with a friend, ok?

      “a very much” is incorrect

      “Where did you visit?” is incorrect: Use the “present perfect” and the verb “go”

      “I like much” is incorrect: you have to say what you like: “I like the table very much” “I like the film very much” “I like him very much”…

      “in the Barcelona” is incorrect, cities don’t use “the”

      “to aquarium” is incorrect, you need the article “the”

      “that you would like to visit to part of Barceona” is incorrect:
      – “that” is not for questions,
      – it is a question and the order is incorrect,
      – “to part of Barceona” is incorrect

      “I like to Barcelona” is incorrect. You can say “I like my house” “I like to speak English” but not “I like to my house” LIKE TO + VERB and LIKE + NOUN

  33. Ángel Gil 4a says:

    OPTION B: Yes, I have. I´ve seen The Lord of the Rings. I saw it some yaers ago. I saw it in the cinema with my friends in the premiere of the film. I was disappointed with the movie.

  34. Ángel Gil 4a says:

    OPTION A: Yes, I have. I´ve been to Prague. I went there five years ago with the institute, when i was sixteen. I stayed in a good hotel near the Wenceslao square. i visited the Jewish cemetery, Moldava river and ate a lot of frankfurts.

  35. alex sangenis says:

    Yes, I have. I’ve seen Jurassic Park. I saw it 2 months ago. I saw it at home . I think it was fantastic.
    It is a movie that I like

  36. moises 4a says:

    Yes, I have. I’ve seen “The Mummy”. I saw ten years ago. I watch the movie again tonight. I saw at the cinema and also in my house. I think it was great. I really liked. I never tire of seeing.

    • Raquel says:

      Good Moisés!

      I saw it [(the movie)]
      I will watch the movie again tonight
      I saw it [(the movie)]at the cinema
      I really liked it [(the movie)]
      I’m never tired of seeing it [(the movie)]

  37. Carmen Jimenez Sevilla says:

    Option B.
    Yes I have.I´ve seen Hanchock.I saw it three years ago with my boyfriend at the cinema.
    It was very funny.

  38. Mónica Oliveira 4b says:

    I have droven in a lot of countries.
    I have swum in many pools.

  39. Fabiola says:

    Yes, I Have seen the taxi 3. I saw it a few months ago. I saw it in my house. I like me very much

  40. Fabiola says:

    Yes,I have been to Barcelona. I was there two months ago. I remained in house of a relative. I saw zoo, and the acuarium

  41. Samuel Fernandez Gimenez 4B says:

    Yes,I have, I’ve seen “Jumper”,I saw it some months ago in tv and was great!. I saw alone with my dog in my home. I think it was fantastic.

  42. Samuel Fernandez Gimenez 4B says:

    Yes, I have, I’ve been to Barcelona, I went many times because i have my sister and my 3 nieces, uncles,cousins… I stayed in my sister’s house, I visited the sky tracks of la molina,the zoo,the “Sagrada Familia”,shops,Ramblas,”la Maquinista”,the Trimax,the Aquarium and many more i dont remember now…
    See Ya 🙂

  43. Alexandre Sangenis says:

    Yes I have. I’ve been to barcelona. I went there 2 months ago. I stayed in my grandsmother’s house . I visited the Sacred family and I did photos externally

  44. Tamara Mari Jimenez 4ºB says:

    Option B:
    Yes I have. I’ve seen ‘Fantastic adventure on an Island’. I saw it a few months ago at home with some friends. It was interesting an nice.

  45. Tamara Mari Jimenez 4ºB says:

    Option A:
    Yes I have. I’ve been in Granada. I went there two months ago, with my bestfriend Ana. We slept in the house of his brother. I visited the alhambra and went to sierra nevada and skied.

  46. carolina toala leon says:

    Yes, I have. I’ve been to Barcelona. I went there two months ago. I stayed at a hotel in the center of city beetwen the rambla . I visited the Camp Nou stadium because I’m culé.

  47. moises 4a says:

    Yes,I have. I’ve been to seville.
    I went there one year ago, when I had no work. I went with a girl.
    I was in a rented flat with my girl. I was looking for work.
    I visited all the monuments of seville. I miss everything.

  48. Carmen Jimenez Sevilla says:

    Yes,I have.I´ve been to Barcelona.I went one year ago.I was in a hotel in dowtown.I went to said my sister in law and we visited to Parque Güell.After that, we been shopping.

    • Raquel says:

      Good, Carmen! You got it!

      Some corrections:
      “I went to see my sister-in-law and we visited the Parque Güell. After that, we went shopping”.

  49. Id’ like work at governament employer, because, the timetable and salary is good. The weekends not work and the evenings also free.It is a good quality of life and time for me and my son.

  50. Samuel Fernandez Gimenez 4B says:

    My ideal job is nurse or physioterapist because i like the health theme and are jobs that you earn a lot of money and you have work always never be unemployed…

  51. samuel fernandez 4b says:

    I like english because is an usefull language and is very important for works in summer time in ibiza and is very easy to learn.

  52. tiago gonçalves argolo says:

    My ideal job is this where I earn a lot of mony and this where I have a lot of free time.

  53. Antonio Delgado Moreira 4b says:

    I would like to speak English beacuse someday travel to other parts of the word and course, i want to talk freely

  54. Daniel Cristobal (4B) says:

    Hey Raquel =D
    I want to learn English Because its so usefull, I need it so i can talk to other people when i have to travel ….also i work in the airport and i have to speak it a lot of times.
    Goodjob on you blog , and sorry about dont write on it before =p

  55. Tamara Mari Jimenez 4ºB says:

    I think the english is very necessary is this world. It’s a beautiful language to learn. I need for my work, I work in the airport with a tourists and I learn so much with they

  56. Mauro 4ºA says:

    Quiero aprender inles porque un idioma universal, y en la isla te abre muchas puertas tambien.

  57. iriina martinez says:

    i learns Englis as whom it has many gone out wing hour of finding work,i don’t like it

  58. Manuela Moreno 4a says:

    I want to learn English, why in Ibiza is easy to find work is a laguage universal that great people speak, i like it.

  59. carmen jiménez sevilla 4º A says:

    I need the English for to talk with the tourist.I work in the supermarket in the summer.
    See you.

  60. Tamara Montiel 4ESO ESPA says:

    Buenas Tardes,
    Quiero aprender inglés, ya que trabajo en una oficina y a veces lo necesito, y creo que te abre muchas puertas. A donde vayas siempre hay alguien que habla inglés.
    Tamara Montiel 4ESO(a) ESPA

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